Monday, October 20, 2014

The Start Of My Nail Art Journey

It is now 6 weeks since I finished my chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment for Breast Cancer (after having a huge lump of my breast removed), but I will be on hormone therapy (or I really should say anti-hormone therapy) for at least another 5 years, and according to the latest research, it could even be for 10 years, to try to stop it coming back again. So I'm on the road to recovery, but I'd like to encourage all you ladies out there, young and old, to make sure you check yourselves regularly for breast lumps, because too many women, especially young ones now, are being diagnosed every day with Breast Cancer of one type or another. Don't just leave it up to your regular check-ups, either, because I was 2 months from having my scheduled breast screen when I found the lump myself.  If I'd waited another 2 months it could well have spread further into my body, and I would have a lot harder, longer course of treatments ahead.  So, ladies, PLEASE DO IT RIGHT NOW!

I'd like to show you what my hands look like at this stage of my journey, as of 19 Oct 2014.  
Here is a photo of both of my hands, and you can see how bad my nails and hands are after all the treatment, and this is six weeks after finishing my treatment.

 As you can see, they look absolutely ghastly.  Unfortunately, today I had to file some of them back because the nail on the middle finger on my right hand, which I have been nursing along trying to save by using patches, finally gave way, as you can see in the photo.
Oh, well, these things come to try us!

Now I'd like to show you close-ups of each hand separately, showing the details of the damage.

So, now I have to repair all this damage.  I wish someone had told me before I had chemotherapy that I should use cuticle oil and/or strenthening serum, a base coat and a top coat on my fingers, instead of just telling me wear nail polish to help to stop them getting damaged. 

Please, ladies, if you know anyone who is going through chemotherapy, or someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer that is going to require her having chemotherapy, tell them the proper way to look after their nails. I would hate for anyone else to go through what I've been through with my nails.  And, my nails are in the process of growing out now that I have learned what to do about them (notice the pinker, softer looking areas at the bottom of each nail).  I wish I'd taken photos when they were first damaged because they were horrible to look at, and watching them start to flake away and pull away from the nail bed was scary, to say the least.

I will keep you updated with how my nails are progressing as time goes by, and hopefully there will be great improvements, especially as I'm going to be starting to use a new cuticle oil treatment containing Jojoba Oil, which I have heard, and read, is simply amazing for damage to nails, and almost anywhere on your body.  Especially on your face and hair, too.  I can't wait for it arrive so I can get started.

I will be posting shots of my nail art results, hopefully at least once a week, and I will also let you know about any great sites I come across during my travels out their in Naill Art World, so please come back often to see what I've found.

Thanks for checking out my blog.


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