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SMPolish "Hidden Depths Collection" - 26 August 2015

Today I have three polishes to show you from the Hidden Depths Collection, by the Aussie Indie Polish brand SMpolish, that Shakeela, the maker, sent me to thank me for choosing names for both the whole collection and all the individual polishes in this collection.  All nine colours are amazing, and I'm going to buy some of the polishes that I didn't get because they are just so beautiful.  Here are photographs of the full collection, with swatches done by Shakeela on her beautiful long nails, so you can see why I love them all.

The colours, in the order shown in the photos above, are "Secret Message", "Deep Dark Secret", "Sly As A Fox", "Blessing In Disguise", "Mum's The Word", "Davy Jones' Locker", "Guarded Secret", "Mulled Wine" and "Hush-Hush". Just click on the names above to be taken to the individual listings on the SMPolish site for more information and to order.

The first one I have to show you is "Davy Jones' Locker", a lovely aqua holographic polish.  The holographic shift in this polish is not quite as strong as some of the others in the collection, but is definitely there no matter what lighting I was under.  I had problems with getting photographs inside because we have terrible lighting (I hate the new globes the government is making us use).  However, the photos I took in the sun and shade outside show just how beautiful this polish is.  Like all of the polishes from SMpolish that I have tried so far, this polish went on smoothly, and just two coats, with no top coat, gave the finish shown. 




The second polish I have to show you from the Hidden Depths Collection is "Hush-Hush", a gorgeous violet holographic polish.  I absolutely love this polish.  It went on like a dream, and the holographic shift is just wonderful.  Just two coats of polish with no top coat gave this beautiful finish.  It is gorgeous no matter what light you are under, and I just adore it.  Please forgive the lumpy look on my index finger in the photos taken in the shade, but I am nursing some broken nails with patches at the moment, and I forgot to put a coat of strengthener under this lot of swatches.




The last polish from the Hidden Depths Collection that I have to show you today is "Mulled Wine", a wonderful red-wine coloured holographic polish, and it is my favourite of the three polishes I have from the collection.  Application was sooooo easy, and just two coats with no top coat gave the awesome holographic shift shown in my photos.  I just couldn't stop looking at it while I had it on my nails.  I'm considering buying a full-size bottle of this polish, because the bottles shown in the photos are 5ml mini bottles, so they won't last for long.




I applied one coat of Pretty Serious "Rock On" Nail Strengthener under each lot of swatches, except for the "Hush-Hush" ones (because I simply forgot).  I then added one coat of Grace-full Nail Polish "Base Coat" to each nail, and used no top coat on these nails at all for these swatches.

Overall, I'm extremely impressed with the Hidden Depths Collection polishes that I have, and will definitely be purchasing some of the other colours very soon.  They applied very easily, and were very easy to clean up, too.  Also, when it came to taking them off, there was no staining at all, and they came off so easily I was really surprised.  So, I'd definitely recommend this collection, and I hope you will support this wonderful new polish brand, SMpolish, by purchasing some of these, and/or others from the other collections Shakeela has available.  I'm really excited by what she is producing, and I know that she has some more amazing, and some quite unique, polishes coming up in the very near future.

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 I received 5ml sample bottles of three of the polishes from this collection, to thank me for
choosing their names, and to enable me to do an honest review and to do swatches of the polishes.

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