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SMPolish "Fairytale Collection" Part 2 - Pastel Colours - Just Released 31 July 2015

Just as a reminder, and in case you didn't see my reviews of the first part of this collection, here is how this came about.

I was thrilled to be asked by Shakeela Meer, the maker of these unique polishes, and a really new member of the Aussie Indie Polish Maker community, to help her name this collection, and was then really honoured when she asked if I would be her official "namer" for her polishes in the future.  I couldn't believe it, but of course I said "Yes, please!", and now I am an official member of the SMPolish team.  I will be choosing a list of possible names for each polish in each collection, and in some cases the actual name of the collection, and then Shakeela will make the final decisions on the name for each polish.  So, as you can imagine, I've really had to put my thinking cap on and go back to my childhood memories with this collection (and this is really a long time ago for me, so it was a big ask).  It's just as well that I have always been a bookworm, right from early childhood, so my memory didn't take too much jogging to bring back so many wonderful memories of the fairytales I enjoyed way back when.

The Fairytale Collection is described by Shakeela thus: "Each polish in the listing is made up of either creme-jelly bases or shimmery bases with the addition of both complimenting and contrasting glitters. This collection covers any occasion from everyday simple to a night out, from party to vacation, from tea party to wedding."

As with the first part of this collection, I used OPI Natural Nail "Glitter Off" Base Coat and OPI Natural Nail Top Coat on all my nails for the swatches below.

Now it's time for me to review the second part of the SMPolish "Fairytale Collection - The Pastel Colours", and I hope you will like these as much as I do.


The first polish in the Pastel Colours part of the Fairytale Collection is "The Shadow", a charcoal grey "crelly" polish with holographic micro-glitter and tiny black and purple glitter.  This polish went on very smoothly, and I used three coats for my swatches to achieve the full "crelly" effect I wanted.  The finish was quite rough because of the glitter, but just one coat of top coat was more than enough to give a smooth, shiny finish.  This muted polish is very elegant and would be suitable for almost any occasion.

The inspiration for the name of this polish came from the pulp fiction magazine series "The Shadow Magazine", primarily written by Walter B. Gibson and first published on April 1, 1931.  Now, I know you're going to say "But this isn't a fairytale", but the hero of this series, "The Shadow",  just seemed to fit this polish so perfectly - shadowy, mysterious, with lots of hidden depth, so I suggested it as one of the options for this polish to Shakeela, and it's the one she went with. 


The second polish in this part of the collection is "Thumbelina", a pretty pastel, but very shimmery, blue polish with holographic micro-glitter and tiny bright blue and pink glitter.  This polish was very easy to work with, and I have used three coats in my swatches so that the full "crelly" effect of this polish would be shown.  Once again, the finish was rough, but one coat of top coat was more than enough to smooth it out and give a lovely shiny finish.

The inspiration for this nail polish came from the fairytale "Thumbelina", written in 1835 by the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen, and published in his book Fairy Tales Told for Children. First Collection.  For some reason, when I saw this colour I immediately thought of this name, perhaps because I've always loved pastel blue dresses on little girls, especially with polka dots, and that's how I envisioned "Thumbelina" dressed this way - hence the name.


The third polish in this part of the Fairytale Collection from SMPolish is "Violetta", a gorgeous, pastel purple polish , with lots of holographic micro-glitter, and tiny bright pink glitter.  The polish went on very smoothly, and I used three coats so that the true "crelly" effect would show in my swatches.  The finish was a little rough because of the glitter, but just one coat of top coat solved that problem.  I really like this polish, and I think it is my favourite from this part of the collection.

I'm really not sure where the inspiration for this name came from, but many fairy tales and folk tales have heroines that aren't actually given names, and I'm sure this would be a wonderful choice for some of them, and the colour just seemed to scream out for a name like this.  I suggested it as one of my selections for this polish, and this is the one Shakeela chose - perfect, I think.


The fourth polish in this part of the collection is "The Sea Maiden", a beautiful aqua "crelly" polish with a smattering of holographic micro-glitter and bright blue and aqua glitter.  This polish was one of the easiest to work with, and went on very smoothly.  Two coats was all I needed to get full coverage and to give the "crelly" effect I wanted.  It was just a little rough, but one coat was all that was needed to give it this beautiful, glossy finish.  The overall effect of this polish is just gorgeous, and I'm not usually an aqua polish fan.  I think you will definitely love this polish if you buy it.

The inspiration for the name of this polish came from a Scottish fairy tale, "The Sea Maiden", part of a collection by John Francis Campbell, published in 1890 in Popular Tales of the West Highlands, and listing his informant as John Mackenzie, a fisherman, near Inverary.  I thought this name was perfect for this polish, and really portrayed the colour beautifully.



The fifth colour in this part of "The Fairytale Collection" from SMPolish is "Buttercup", a pretty, shimmery pastel yellow polish with bright aqua and pink glitter.  The polish went on very smoothly, but I really did need three coats to get full coverage and to achieve the "crelly" effect I wanted.  There was plenty of glitter, and I didn't have to fish for any at all.  Just one coat of top coat was all I needed to give the polish a lovely, shiny, smooth finish.  This is quite pretty, but doesn't do a thing for me on my nails because of the colour of my skin.

The name for this polish was inspired by the fairy tale "Buttercup", a Norwegian fairy tale collected by Peter Chr. Asbjørnsen and Jørgen Moe and published in 1845 in Norske Folkeeventyr, a collection of Norwegian folktales and legends.  The hero, Buttercup, is described as being so named because he is "plump and fat, and fond of good things", and I thought that description fitted this nail polish perfectly.  It just reminded me of a beautiful tub of butter with pretty glitter all through it.




Now we come to the last of The Fairytale Collection Pastel Shades, "The Enchanted Maiden", a gorgeous, bright pastel pink "crelly" polish, with a scattering of holographic micro-glitter and tiny bright pink and blue glitter.  The polish went on beautifully, and I used three coats to get the full "crelly" effect, and I wasn't disappointed.  There were just a few bumps in the finish because of the glitter, but one coat of top coat soon fixed that problem, and gave a beautiful, glossy finish.  This polish is a very pretty pink, but unfortunately didn't suit my finger colour.  However, on someone who can wear pastel pinks, especially bright ones, it would look great.

The name for this polish was inspired by "The Enchanted Maiden", a Portuguese fairy tale collected by Consiglieri Pedroso in Portuguese Folk-Tales in 1882.  I envisaged a gorgeous maiden, in a pastel pink dress, sprinkled with fairy dust, and thus the name of this polish was born.

So, I hope you have enjoyed seeing all these lovely polishes in this new collection from SMPolish, and that you will visit Shakeela's store to check out this beautiful collection, "The Fairytale Collection", very soon.  Shakeela also has a couple of other lovely collections available, and has great plans for more wonderful polishes in the very near future.  Please support this new kid on the block in the world of Aussie Indie Polishes and encourage her to continue in her endeavours.  I know she'd love to hear your comments, too, regarding the type of polishes you would like to see her produce, and any other nail products that you think she should add to her store.  Sign up on her Facebook page at to be kept up to date with what is happening in her store.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope you will be back often to see what I have to share with you about what I've been doing with my nails, how they are going in their recovery from my chemotherapy last year (2014), and any nail art ideas I've come up with lately.

Have a wonderful day, and may God bless you with an abundance of His mercy and grace.



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 I received 5ml sample bottles of all these polishes to help me choose their names,
and to enable me to do an honest review and to do swatches of the polishes.

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